Charlie PS considers herself to be a ‘Heinz 57’. Although she grew up surrounded by the 90’s British pop culture, her inspirations come from the R&B divas of the 70’s and 80’s and the rock and blues legends of the 20th century. Upon winning the title of 'Kootenays Best Singer' in 2013 Charlie made her way through the venues and festivals that her small hometown of Nelson BC had to offer and after graduating from Selkirk College's 'Contemporary Music Program' in 2014 she relocated to Vancouver BC.

Released in the spring of 2018 her 3 time nominated debut EP 'Little Miss Dysfunctional' speaks an undisclosed story of disingenuous relationships that are interpreted differently by each listener and her effervescent style resurrects the dying niche that is females in rock music.

2019 promised a bright start for Charlie, after winning ‘Best Pop Song’ at the Kootenay Music Awards, placing in the Top 100 for the ‘CBC Searchlight Contest’ and winning a spot at local festival ‘Surrey Fusion Festival’. After wrapping up her 2019 summer tour she is currently back in the studio working on 3 new singles to be released early 2020.



Email - CharliePSMusic@gmail.com

Phone - 250-551-4529

Facebook followers - 780

Instagram followers - 1,580